The team at Rubix has serviced the following end-user clients, either through Rubix, or through a previous employer. (functioning as project manager and/or primary client contact in each instance)
Apple Computer Carrefour
Pacer Logistics  
Dollar General Corporation Advance Auto Parts
Chuck-E-Cheese J Crew


Structural Engineering and documents for restaurant concept re-design

The client: Rubix works with an architectural firm based in Fort Worth who functions as prime consultants for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains in their program to revitalize their existing locations in the US Southwest, along with adding several new ground-up locations in the area.

The challenge: The end-user client is in the process of implementing a program with a new prototypical exterior appearance, floor layout and internal access to their existing locations in the US Southwest to match the look and feel of the new outlets going in this area. Rubix is in charge of engineering the structural modifications at scores of locations in the program, almost half of which have already been completed. The scope of works includes re-working the existing exterior façade to increase its height and flatten the profile, adding medium to large expansions to the front or rear of the building, and/or building new full height “screens” around site elements to match the proposed elevations. From a structural perspective, the challenge involves major rework of the existing exterior wall gravity load bearing system, redistribution of the lateral (wind and seismic) load resisting system, re-design and modifications to the existing exterior foundation system, and design of new roof framing and foundation elements as well as stand-along full height screen walls without disrupting the existing structural systems to remain. Each structural design decision is amplified several-fold because of the volume of projects involved.

The solution: Rubix developed contract documents and designed new framing elements in wood, cold-formed and structural steel, masonry and concrete to reinforce, substitute and interact with existing elements without affecting the main-building load transfer mechanism. Rubix’s solutions is helping the client meet its budget requirements, yet giving the contractors the flexibility to adapt to varying existing conditions. The systems are generic enough to work efficiently with a large volume program, yet robust enough to meet the varying seismic and wind load requirements over the large target area.

Structural Engineering and documents for tenant fit-out projects

The client: Rubix works with an architectural firm based out of Detroit who functions as prime consultants for diversified clients in the retail domain. The clients have specific requirements for construction quality, budget, and above all time and sequencing with the all important dead-line of opening date.

The challenge: The client contacted Rubix with a potentially deal-breaking issue on one of their projects in Wisconsin. The tenant fit-out work was almost complete with most finishes, and fixtures in place and merchandizing on its way with store opening only days away. They were made aware of a structural short-coming in the design during final inspections, which unless addressed will lead to a delay in obtaining the certificate of occupancy and the opening date by several weeks.

The solution: Rubix initiated and maintained a constant line of communication with the general and structural steel contractors, as well as the building officials and designed reinforcing for the existing members that addressed the deficiency while minimizing damage to finishes and fixtures in place. The process included a three-dimensional finite element analysis of the building system for gravity and lateral loads, identifying and maximizing redundancies in the existing frames. The contract documents were coordinated with the architectural and other trades, the requirements communicated to the sub-contractors for sourcing and issued to the building department within a matter of days. Rubix also provided construction administration and field coordination servicers, including during after-hours to allow the client to meet their opening date. Rubix also undertook a full structural review of the client’s existing standards and documents and identified and addressed other potential short-comings that might arise on future project to minimize unexpected delays.