Mr. Panakkat is a registered professional engineer in eighteen US states. He holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with a focus on structures, from The Ohio State University. Mr. Panakkat has over nine years of consulting experience, during which time, he managed the structural scope on flagship commercial, institutional and industrial construction projects. He also gained expert-level experience in managing the structural scope on very fast-paced retail construction and remodel projects, including those for clients such as McDonalds, Apple Computer, Sephora, Talbots, and LVMH. At Ohio State he was awarded the prestigious University Fellowship and published research work in international journals. He has also been invited to give lectures at professional and trade seminars. Mr. Panakkat brings a targeted understanding of structural engineering services and construction projects to Rubix.

Mr. Ramaswamy holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and has considerable expertise in Operations Research and Supply Chain Management. He has successfully handled strategic and implementation projects for diverse clients in the retail and logistics domains. He also has prior experience with finite element analysis and is well versed in cutting edge design, drafting and building information modeling (BIM) tools. Mr. Ramaswamy utilizes his technical expertise and knowledge of business processes to ensure optimized delivery of solutions; handles project management and coordinates non-production related activities including client communication. He also focuses on designing new service delivery models in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Dr. Varghese has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, his dissertation work involving turbulent biofluid simulation. His seminal work in this area, done in collaboration with scientists at Argonne National Laboratories, resulted in multiple publications in the premier Journal of Fluid Mechanics that are frequently cited. He is proficient in mathematical modeling of extremely non-linear physical systems and has widespread experience with techniques such as finite element analysis and spectral methods. He has also successfully developed pricing models and non-linear forecasting tools for risk-management in the financial markets. Dr. Varghese utilizes his sizable modeling experience to address the engineering aspects of Rubix’s projects. He is adept at identifying inefficiencies in building systems through numerical techniques and offering solutions that result in structures that are optimized for construction time, material weight and cost. Dr. Varghese is also responsible for business development, technology/communication and investment strategies for Rubix.